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The Brigitte Süss Agency is a classic event management agency with a strong heritage in the automotive industry. Until 1994, our agency owner Brigitte Süss organised events, conferences and meetings for one of the most renowned automotive companies in which she was employed. This company relocated its activities in the Rhine and Main valleys back to its main office in Cologne. This was the moment when the Brigitte Süss agency was founded.

Brigitte decided to stay in the Rhine-Main area and start her own company.

From then on, one thing very quickly led to another. The same day she started trading, her agency was invited to organise her ex-employer’s events. Just 24 hours later, the next automotive company was added to her customer list. Numerous successful events followed, not only all over Germany, but also in other European countries. The first non-automotive customer came on board within two years – an international pharmaceutical company.

The Brigitte Süss agency has mainly been active in these two sectors for more than 29 years. Over the years, a large amount of personal commitment, passion, keen eye for ultimate quality, and the uncanny ability to tune into and empathise with individual customers when they help them at their events turned a one-woman show into a prosperous and successfully expanding event agency.

In 2014 Brigitte Süss took the next logical step and expanded the management to include her long-time colleague Eve-Jasmin Koncewicz. Together, they are the perfect embodiment of a truly creative team that companies around the world now like to rely on.

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Hello, hi, bonjour, ciao, hola, zdravo, merhaba – we are the Brigitte Süss Agency.

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Jiri Bakarinow

Jr. PL Pharma
Telefon +49 6103 83357-27

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Nina Becker

Project manager • Pharma
Phone +49 6103 83357-38

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Lilli Doppel

Student trainee

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Melina Fritz

Student trainee

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Jannine Gindele

Senior project managerPharma
Phone +49 6103 83357-21

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Kristina Groeneveld

Senior project managerPharma
Phone +49 6103 83357-17

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Kathrin Herth

Project manager • Automotive, Pharma
Phone +49 6103 83357-37

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Saskia Hoffmann

Project managerPharma
Phone +49 6103 83357-25

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Hedda Janssen

Team lead and Project manager • Pharma
Phone +49 6103 83357-16

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Sigrid Kalb

Senior project manager • Automotive
Phone +49 6103 83357-13

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Svetlana Kraus

Finance & Controllin

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Laura KuKic

Phone +49 6103 83357-39

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Janine Lein

Project assistanceAutomotive
Telefon +49 6103 83357-14

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Christina looney

Senior project managerPharma
Phone +49 6103 83357-43

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Stefanie Lubig

Finance & Controlling
Telefon +49 6103 83357-43

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Sahel Ludin

Fleet manager
Phone +49 6103 83357-55

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Jana Matischok

Parental leave

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Bettina Roth

Project manager • Pharma
Phone +49 6103 83357-19

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Monika Siegwart

Senior project manager • Automotive
Phone +49 6103 83357-12

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Angelika Sopelnik

Parental leave

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Lara Tadic

Assistenz Finance & Controllin

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Felix Töreyen

Project employee • Project management, Creation & Graphics
Mobil +49 171 9944225

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Tatjana Weist

Project managerAutomotive
Phone +49 6103 83357-22

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Ibrahim Wörner

Team and project manager • Pharma
Phone +49 6103 83357-20

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